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Ofcourse Sabrina
Published on 28 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

what a beautiful video Sister... Thank you!!! Hail Hitler!!!!!

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Venresswolfe 2 months ago

Mein herz Zerbricht für mein volk.

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Admin 2 months ago


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Ofcourse Sabrina
Ofcourse Sabrina 2 months ago

#MeinMichael ❤️

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DARRYL DUNCAN 2 months ago

I would be todays Hitler and lead us all to freedom if I could. I know what Hitler knew, that we are controlled through the banks. If we end the currency laws our nations have, that is if we stop them from issuing their currency in all nations, then we can all be equally free. This is what Adolf Hitler did in January 1933 was to refuse to issue currency from the Federal Reserve/Rothschild Banks. Within a month all Jews declared War but it was an unofficial war and the reason they did this is because Jews cannot control a nation that does not issue their currency. Hitler created his own currency and brought Germany out of poverty and into prosperity. If people could end their currency laws quietly then no wars ever need to be fought. All police and military do what the bank owners tell them to do. By removing the banking controls the police and military are forced to serve the people.

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Ofcourse Sabrina
Ofcourse Sabrina 2 months ago

Danke: für your lengthy reply... Sieg heil

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