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You only have I known Part 1 (Israel)

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

⁣⁣Amos Chapter 3
1 Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,
Amos 3:2 - You [Israel] only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.
This is where white nations are today = punishment.

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tony 10 days ago

Good morning, you're hard to keep up with

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mics972 15 days ago

10 Ironclad Proofs That Jesus Was A National Socialist -

We've Reached the End of White Christian America -

We all know that Jesus was a National Socialist.
It's pretty obvious, because we heard a church
pastor claim so one time or another.

Nonetheless, there are many neanderthals who
still don't know this beautiful truth. To help you
convince them that Jesus was a passionate
supporter of a centralized economy, totalitarian
state, and redistribution of wealth, look no further
than these 10 indisputable proofs:

1.) Remember that one time he held a
political rally and inflamed the masses
to seize control of the means of production? -
What more proof do you need that Jesus was
a tried-and-true socialist?
This is definitely our favorite Bible story.
What would Jesus say to Politicians today?

2.) Jesus distributed loaves and fish to
everyone and then declared himself
General Secretary and sent millions of
people to die in the Israeli gulags -
Jesus distributed the food equally,
after making everyone wait in a 16-
hour-long breadline. Then, it was
the gulag for the non-believers!
Jesus Feeds the 5000 - True Thanksgiving :

3.) He even punched out Satanist -
The Gospel of Marx records this
beautiful story of the Jesus punching
Niggers and then telling them to turn
the other cheek for more beating!
Jesus saves a White woman from certain rape,
and then Jesus punches the nigger's head off!

4.) Jesus went into an airplane hangar and
he overturned all the jets, and then he so
demanded high-speed rail instead. -
People think of Jesus as a gentle, kind soul,
but He showed righteous anger sometimes,
like in this narrative where he flipped over
all the fuel-guzzling, carbon-heavy jets and
threw His support behind the Green New Deal.

5.) He also forcefully took 90% of the rich Jew
ruler’s earnings and created free healthcare for all. -
A lot of people think this narrative was to show
the high cost of following Jesus, but it was
actually to show how we should tax the rich
by force in order to pay for healthcare and free internet.

6.) He compassionately put the sick and
blind on the Obamacare plans -
One of the main reasons people
believed Jesus was the Messiah
was His amazing miracles of
putting people on sensible ACA plans.

7.) In a powerful statement, Jesus triumphantly
entered into Jerusalem driving an environmentally
friendly Prius. -
This was a powerful statement,
as Jesus in a Prius :

8.) He hung out with tax collectors to
thank them for their work -
It’s commonly thought that Jesus
hung out with tax collectors to get
them to repent of their thievery. -
But this is wrong. Jesus actually
was thanking them for their
valuable redistribution services.
Himself to be Messiah and he was
also really a woke dude too!
Why did Jesus love prostitutes and
tax collectors :
With Holy Sermon :

9.) When Lazarus died, Jesus raised
him from the dead so he could vote
Democrat. - Jesus rode the Donkey!
Jesus performed this miracle a few times,
raising hordes of people from the dead and
leading them straight over to the voting
booth so they could cast their vote for
a Democratic candidate.
love to make millions of bucks using the
word "Jesus." Most of them have no idea
who this National Socialist was...
they simply listen to what some grifter tells them...
Democrats are following in His footsteps,
still performing this miracle today.

10.) These well-known Bible verses are pretty good proof too:
* Blessed are those weak and stupid and believe
the antiChrist, for they shall be given free struff!
* What shall it profit a man if he gain this vaccine
the World Bank and Bill Gates riches?
* Render unto Trump and Biden,
namely everything is foretold.-
Those fortunate shall be in the
Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, if you don't believe Jesus was a National Socialist
by now, you definitely need to turn yourself into the local
Vaccination Clinic and get your free shot!
Soon the Zombie Apocalypse will be here
and Jesus will fight these evil Zombies :

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 14 days ago

ZIOmbies alright

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mics972 14 days ago

@Chaplain Bob Walker: Jesus verses Zombies, this was in the Bible

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 15 days ago

Christ is

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