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Up next know somethings up when the president of a low IQ Negroe country is more honest with his people than any leader in the west.

Published on 21 Feb 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

The President of Ghana, speaking on national television about the global conspiracy to control people with exaggerated fears of the Corona virus.

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SeekinYah 2 months ago

Doesn't sound like him. Just another African scam artist production I would suggest.
As much as we know it's a gigantic scam, this article is probably correct.

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ScreamingInSilence 2 months ago

He mentioned Fort Detrick. Around 300 soldiers went through that facility just before going to China for the World Military Games that took place in Oct 2019. The same month they held Event 201.

Fort Detrick is a Bio lab, BSL3 or 4, with a safety record equivalent to 1 safety breach every 3 days for 7 years. But instead of closing it down, they get new contracts.

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Soldier1 2 months ago

This man and the president of Tanzania are gems. Both refuse to follow lockstep. God bless them both.

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theliquidatedrabbi 2 months ago

I dloaded this and put it on my shitty lil' phone to play for my brother in a couple of days. I keep telling him to get as much work done and save the money for hard times or use that money to stock up (better choice IMO) before the hammer drops and you cant get anything without your 'papers please' scenario. Maybe this will help to light a fire under his ass. Hes aware of the whole scamdemic but he's still dragging his ass about it.

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