You have the right, to use deadly kill they ass. BPM break from BLM.

Published on 05 Oct 2020 / In Slavery

...and I expect that, outta every last one a you motherfuckers, out here today.

Montage of Black Power Militia videos. They disown connections with BLM.
They say: "We ain't tryna hold hands with you no mo! We don't give a FUCK about your rainbow!"

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theliquidatedrabbi 17 days ago

If theyve never fired a weapon they shouldnt be carrying one.

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tomtruther 18 days ago

Wow what a f****** inspiring mother f****** son of a b**** f****** speech. That s*** has got me f****** ready to motherfuking go you feel me? lol. I am just so impressed by the level of intellect these monkeys have. White people have been benevolent and turned a blind eye to these animals for decades. All these idiots are doing is playing dress-up. If they encounter one man or a group of white men who are ready to take the fight to them they are going to be running like scared little kids. These are mental midgets. They're controlled by their emotions and have very low IQs. Blacks are certainly not brave. They are not loyal or trustworthy. And I believe that the Jews who control this world have realized that they are not getting the guns. They have realized that they can't defeat the white people in any type of conflict. So now they are going to starve us out shut down our businesses and inject us with poison. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that they gave up on gun control in our now implying the same Sinister plans they always wanted anyway. And the scary thing is that the few of us who have prepared and had food shelter water and guns are going to be a small percentage fighting the battle for Independence. And what's even worse than that is there are hordes of brainwashed white people who will be seeking to turn Us in and foil our plans at all points. It's about to get very very real for all of us who are not going to take the mark of the beast.

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momento 18 days ago

I can't argue with any of that. I would add the demoralization of Whites. Making them look like the evil ones, about every social issue you can think of.

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yardfowl 14 days ago

I think theres more prepped white folk than you might realize, you just don't see us all ,we like to hang out in the shadows . we will be on the stage when the timing is right. stay strong brother.

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franciscopollardo 19 days ago

Where were these Niggas when Black owned businesses were looted and burned. I bet even Black car owners had their vehicles destroyed as well. Let us take on these apes. Remember, in Africa, many countries had to hire White Soldiers to fight on their sides.

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AmericanKozak 19 days ago

Hehehehe look at that troop of monkeys!

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Lever_Action 20 days ago

Now if they'd only go after the (((RIGHT people))) instead of the White people. Alas, they remain junkyard dogs on the Jewish chain

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