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Yahweh Is A Jewish Demon 'God'...See For Yourself. We Have ALL Been Lied To By JEWS!!! (READ DESCRIPTION)

Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

Look this up for yourself. EL SHADDI "one of the names of the 'god' of IS(IS)-(Amun) RA-EL(Shaddi) (or something like that). You need to get to the Etymological roots (the origin of the roots of words are important as bastardized as English lan-gu-age has become) of the words. Rather than just tell you to look it up and providing you no resources...go this link ⁣ and download a library of Etymological dictionaries in several languages and look this shit up FOR YOURSELF. Don't take my word for it...don't take this guys word for it...LOOK IT UP AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF...that way it sticks in your mind. The Truth Is NOT For ALL Men, But ONLY FOR THOSE WHO SEEK IT!!! Seek it damn it!!! Seek it!!

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Scatterbrainkid 1 month ago

Eye opening to say the very least.... I want his book and the rest of this dvd now.

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Truepremise 1 month ago

Technically it's a Cannanite Deity....Phoenician by angle....& no....neither were Hashem's.....& the vast majority of semitics nowadays....are Bastardized From Hashem.....2nd Brother of the Devil's-Son Fraternarchy....From & Of The 7 Brothers Of Legend....The 7 Race-Fathers.

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MillennialMikey 1 month ago

Thank you for sharing that link with all of the etymological dictionaries. That will definitely come in handy when I begin to homeschool my nephew. Also very informative video!

P.S. I sent an email to you about a week ago. It may have went into your spam folder. Keep up the good work and fuck all the haters!

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Duck 1 month ago

its true yahweh is no goods

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 1 month ago

Typical jewery. Get a clue fag. You clowns are the dumbest human trash alive. You morons will believe anything.

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TheRebelliousMeatPuppet 1 month ago (edited)

@Roy Benthall: Wow!! You're too stupid to even perceive, let alone question, if you've been lied to your whole life by the very jews that gave you your jew god and jew savior and all the Abrahamic religions? Too stupid to have put that one together for yourself? Now I call that a dumb and incapable of critical thought so much so, it's incapable of actually questioning 'what its told'. Like a heard animal that laps from the trough of info handed to it, day in, day out. You're an unconscious bi-pedal herd animal. Do you even know what bi-pedal means without looking it up? How about etymology? Ever hear of religious indoctrination? How bout mind control? Couldn't be the bloodlines that run the world care very much what you beLIEve, all down in the foundation of your belief systems huh? So they can lead you like cattle, like sheep? Nah. Jesus is your savior mother fucker!! Could you understand the contents of an Etymological dictionary? Would you read them if they were fucking handed to you? I doubt here you go douche bag! - I highly doubt you have a fuckin clue (snicker) You fuckin Golem.

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deathskullsfleshbones 12 days ago (edited)

Im open to most ideas but Osiris being related to ihvh doesnt really make sense to me, can you articulate a little on that? If Osiris was to be in connection with yahweh that means to me god really did choose jews and not some deity... Also pharaoh was against the jews if you can remember.

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It's all tied in in Etymology...the roots of words. Much of the English language comes from old Latin, Greek, old Gaelic and a handful of other languages all hodge podged together. When one starts getting to the etymological roots of words, things become more clear. I've made a link available for people that contains a modest electronic library of Etymological dictionaries that covers from Aramaic to Zulu. If you're interested, it's a 4.3gb (or thereabouts) download. The link is here - - and I'd suggest starting to dive into the words.

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