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wtf! Elon Musk just released this! "We are too late, we are summoning the demon"

Published on 18 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣wtf! Elon Musk just released this! "We are too late, we are summoning the demon"

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WakeupGoy 27 days ago (edited)

Musk is a front man faggot for the ZOG Military Industrial Complex working ferociously to enslave humanity. He's a trained seal put in place to trick the normies into believing someone is on their side. <br>That said, most of society is utter trash and deserves everything coming to them.

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Bill 28 days ago

gold pill will change his name.

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SanctusDivine 28 days ago

This is why I have never and will never own a phone.

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Adaptordie 28 days ago

LoL, he's full of shit.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 28 days ago

i apologize for airing out grievances in this manner,
but i feel a need to expose kike attackers when i see them.
as i said on a post yesterday - the kikes have tons of websites they can be with their own
and they never are willing to stay with their own,
instead they are constantly hunting us whites down and attacking us,
often with subtle shills, often trying to blend in and pretend they are us.

they are not. and here is an example exposing such.

i think all the legit whites here know JEWS are the TOP of the earthly problem,
not muslims, not niggers not cops, not mexis, not homos;
the TOP group is jews, period.
you can have a different opinion but i would like to see evidence not personal attacks.

the gold pill made a personal attack at Rambetter. why? because gold pill is a kike.

1 - he calls the saudis the top of the evil and jews as just their little minion
2 - he idolizes gold, the pyramid, the sphynxter, egypt, egyptians.
3 - he praises satanic latin phrases on the dollar bill.
4 - instead of reamining with his own kind, he is here on a pro-white vid comment section attacking whites.

see pic, make your own opinion, but i brought the evidence not just a railing accusation of air.

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Sven 28 days ago

He is a shill, note how he keeps bringing up New Age talking points and mentions "space travel"..right. Even though we still can't get past the firmament.

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Sankyu 28 days ago

I see the Saudi leaders as Zionists. They are prdos and have helped in any meaningful way go taking down Israel in the wars against it. Plus the Talmud says you can lie none Zionists. For me this explains why all the phony high jackers were Saudi.

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Sankyu 28 days ago

Geesh. We need be able to correct after we type. Lol. Anyway I meant pedos have not helped in any meaningful way. Sorry all.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 28 days ago

@Sankyu: if you hover your mouse over your own comment it shows an edit and a trashcan you can use :-)

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