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Examining the logic of obeying government

Published on 12 Jan 2021 / In Uncategorized

In this short video I look at the corporate (fictitious) entities known as government and challenge the believers in this fallacy to truthfully answer questions perpetuating their psychosis.
Disclaimer: My speculations stated near the end of this video are merely that. Of course I can't prove them, but that is what my inner knowing currently suggests.
Look up your local organizations of the mind controlled at There are some other interesting things to be found if you poke around on that site. Once you've looked yours up, back up in the path links to see what I mean. I may make another video showing some oddities I found.
If you have technical difficulties viewing this video on WTV, you can also find it on my Newtube and Bitchute channels.

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TIGER 7 months ago

Being 'free' is easy.....

figuring out what you're freeing yourself from is the hard part ;)

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