Will you Bite the Hand that Feeds?

Hard Right Turn
Published on 04 Sep 2019 / In Music

An original, alt-right-style video I made for the NIN song 'The Hand that Feeds'
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KeK isKucked

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uncensored 6 days ago

I love this guy. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

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rambetter 13 days ago

It is refreshing to see that a video such as this one is among the most popular on Worth Truth Videos. This is in very strong contrast to Youtube (and even Bitchute, now), where a video such as this would be buried deliberately by the rigged algorithms employed. So long as videos such as these remain popular here we can be assured that World Truth Videos remains a valid site.

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SamanthaSchmit 15 days ago

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