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Why Is Chanel Building 'Smart Guillotines'?

Messenger Charles
Published on 09 Jul 2021 / In Freemasonry

This video has one failing that I can see. He's dressed in Freemasonic black and white which makes me suspicious.

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AppalachianAmerican 17 days ago

1991 in the Rabbi's 19th year.

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frogsgottalent 17 days ago

TheFreemasons serve theSynagogue of SatanJEWS..... " MasonicLodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pig's, the nonJewishMasons, will never understand the final objects ofMasonry. " - TheodoreHerzel 1897. ⭐🇮🇱☠️ " Freemasonry is aJewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, pass words, and explanations, areJewish from beginning to end. " - rabbilsaac MayerWise. Don't obfuscateJew treachery.

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frogsgottalent 17 days ago (edited)

# O p Save G a z a (noGaps), locate the hackedMEGAfiles with over30 , 000 criminal OPERATIONALmoss adNames addressesEmail phonenumbers WORLDWIDE including Australia, USA, UK, etc, etc). Two months away....... theJews nextSHEMITTAH year is 7thSeptember2021 to 25thSeptember2022. EVERY TIME they have one of these jubilee years, they claim a victory against their openly stated ' enemies ',

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mics972 18 days ago

The Guillotine & Me
by X Dirty Fingers, released 13 December 2020
Recorded Labor Day 2020 at Studio Krug, Winter Garden, FL

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