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Who Is A Jew

Published on 22 Aug 2020 / In Uncategorized

Source: Deprogramming Broadcast Network.

A short but revealing look into the history of those who call themselves *jews*

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MajorWood 1 month ago

Race mixing no-nos for dummies..

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rambetter 2 months ago

Thanks for this wonderful video.

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SaxonWarrior: “God HATES race mixing, it is considered the Unforgivable Sin since once you produce a race mixed being you have destroyed what God created!! God did not create the mule, man did, therefore it is an abomination!!”
- - - - - - -

Offering myself up, as a race mixer, and having two bastards to prove it, I sense that I am qualified to have a say in this statement of your, dear brother! Here is my view, thus far, as Yahweh’s Comforter has been tutoring me in… and I mean in the sense of utter guilt, shame and contempt at myself, with the added support of fellow Two Seed Line kindred flesh! *chuckle*
- - - - - - -

“John 3:16, What It Says And What It Doesn't”

Yahweh loved (past tense) the world, and handed it over to the ones, who fell from grace! The dominion that the Adam Kind had been given, was relinquished for “pottage”… or “sex”!
- - - - - - -

“The Seed of Inheritance, Part 1”

An Adam Kind is born into that! What one thinks after the fact is a moot point!
- - - - - - -

“Epistles Of Paul - Romans chp 5, Salvation Is A Racial Phenomenon”

Another moot point! Something I believe that only a kindred flesh would make a fuss over! The beasts are not living souls, just twice dead spirits, unable to comprehend, but would make you believe that they are attentive if you had free “gibs” for them, or a talent for “blowing sunshine up their beastly arse” to give them a thrill!
- - - - - - -

“All The Kindreds Of The Earth Be Blessed? (Part One)”

That seeming vague and ambiguous statement is directed at Yahweh’s Adam Kind creation! Only our fall into guilt, shame and contempt has made that fact a point of confusion and vexation, and a talking point that we have allowed devils and bastards into the debate, to “enlighten” us! *chuckle*
- - - - - - -

“The Unpardonable Sin”

The unpardonable sin is that which Yahweh did not create! Period! Kind after kind… Genos… Race! The pure one, who took part in that tryst, is forgiven! The fallen one, or the fallen one’s unpardonable sin, who took part in it, will be as if it never were. There will be no discussion, or rants, or sop-boxes to stand on and make a speech! It simply will be!
- - - - - - -

“The Unforgivable Sin(Race mixing)”

WRONG! *chuckle* You are so wrong in the manner that you typed this phrase, and here is why (keeping in mind, dear brother, that this is my view, and I am not excusing what I did in ignorance!)

OK… Race-mixing is a sin! No! It is not! “Race-Mixing” comes across as an action verb! An act (Be, Do, Go, Have) Only SIN is a SIN! What is SIN? SIN is that which Yahweh did not create! It is a noun! The Ones Who Fell From grace ARE NOT SIN! They are created by Yahweh! Theirs is DISOBEDIENCE, and they will pay dearly for it! Why? Because it is not written that they received their Creator’s breathe to make them living souls! Their judgment is much more severe than Adam Kind, Yahweh’s sons!

I race mixed! I performed an action with an abomination that will be as if it never were, and my seed produced spawn that will be as if they never were! My “ACTIONS” do not change what Yahweh created: me! My actions are forgiven at Golgotha! Regardless of my thanklessness and cheekiness, or ignorance, or whatever one can contrive in judging me… whatever… all of that has been propitiated at Golgotha! The bride is clean! She is a virgin again! Her former husband died, and she has been released from the judgment of death! There is nothing we did, are doing, or can do, to supersede what was etched in stone at Golgotha! I speak of Adam Kind! Sure, we can “fuck around”, but we only get correction, discipline, punishment or chastisement for that, but we cannot out-do the one who fearfully and wonderfully created us! Maybe that point makes it clear how much Yahweh is not affected by the puny “goings on” here on the world that he loved (past tense) and now that our disobediences are secured, and the fallen one’s “hold” over us are voided, Yahweh can make a move on the “goal”! *chuckle*
- - - - - - -

“On The Gospel Of John, Part 8: Origin & Destiny”

The story/gospel of origin and destiny is just that: a story/gospel! It should have been preached outwardly, at the audience, for Yahweh’s spirit to plant within the masses that only which Yahweh knows are his own! The story/gospel is a the seed, and the preacher is the sower, casting out the limitless seed on the ground, some fertile, some fallow, and etc. The gospels are not a message for us, to tickle our ears! They are words to inform us that IT IS, and how that affects our hearts is akin to the ground that that word reaches! Whatever condition we are in, when we “get the seed”, … but as Yahweh knows who is who, all throughout our lives, the Comforter will be inside us, and more powerful than any substantial or tangible substance!
- - - - - - -

“No Safe Haven - Stripped Bare & Naked”

In my view, “No Safe Haven” is an oxymoron, and moreover misleading as a title! This title could only hold fruit for the disobedient child, who is awakening to the truth, from the Comforter within, and clawing and scratching in resistance, until the one becomes completely defeated when all the resources are removed! Regarding the devils and bastards… a moot point… a distraction! My point is, the title of this could also be, “Resistance is Futile When Dad Calls” *chuckle* Those he does not call are fodder!
- - - - - - -

Brother SaxonWarrior, I love you! I relish your well-crafted posts and fearlessness to speak what you have learned so far! I also relish the fact that you take into consideration my views and my honesty (as you are honest), and together we can consume edifying “spiritual food” for thought and growth!

Cheers, brother! – John!

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SaxonWarrior: “The faith of Abraham aka Christianity today can only be truly practiced according to blood and heritage, if you are not a pure blooded descendant of Jacob-Israel, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!”
- - - - -

I beg your pardon, brother, for my contention, but in my personal view you have stated some things here that make y beliefs feel like they are in a toffee machine! To be frank, I am disagreeing with you, and anyone else has to find their own path!

“The faith of Abraham aka Christianity today can only be truly practiced according to blood and heritage”

Abram had no faith, so to speak, and he was a decent fellow! A really scary voice came into his life, and the glory from that experience pretty much made Abram sense that he was in the midst of something (good or bad to his self) that he had better do, or suffer consequences! That is my view on Abram!

Let me put it this way, Yahweh had been silent for a long time! You suggest Abram had faith, and I ask, “Faith in what”? Apparently, Abram and Lot couldn’t get things right and had a falling out over herds, and Abram struck out on his own.

I think that my point is that Yahweh chose Abram, and Abram did not choose anything! The way you state that leaves too much vulnerability in Two Seed Line doctrine.

And so, Abram had not faith, just principle: principle that Yahweh God placed in him and in Yahweh’s determinate will let flow through Abram!

According to custom and belief, when Abram/Abraham placed his son, Isaac, on that bedrock, he was offering a sacrifice to Yahweh and relinquishing all ownership of that sacrifice to Yahweh! Did he do it out of faith? No! At least I do not buy that! I believe he did it out of a command from a very scary voice that had come into his life… and Abram/Abraham sort of did not have a choice in the matter… like someone grumbling that when they see “God” they are going to address “God” with their “beefs” instead of falling flat on their face!

Moreover, Abraham’s “faith”, also known as Christianity today is a lie, and when you also use the term “practiced according to blood and heritage”, you suggest “ritual”, which Yahweh God voided at Golgotha! You also suggest “blood heritage”, of which no man alive today can possibly know if he doesn’t have a tare somewhere in the mix going back about 7,500 years! I believe that Yahweh desires it to be this way, so we do NOT know what we are, and have to struggle with doubt and faith and learn to separate the actions of the spirit from the flesh and chose only one!
- - -

“if you are not a pure blooded descendant of Jacob-Israel, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!”

And so, when you can offer up a solution to know exactly if we are pure-blooded, dear brother, then please inform me! You conditional statement is a moot point that can only be judged by the Creator! Obsessing with our DNA, without any litmus test available, turns one into an idolater! The only cure for this vexation is to question one’s desire for the word and their pattern of “choosing” throughout their life! I believe that Yahweh wants us to live with doubt. Doubt is the enemy, and only the strong press in! The weak cave in, and go with the flow!

I love you, brother! All the very very best to you and yours! If it is needed, I humbly ask your forgiveness if I came across too harsh! – John!

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SaxonWarrior 3 months ago

The faith of Abraham aka Christianity today can only be truly practiced according to blood and heritage, if you are not a pure blooded descendant of Jacob-Israel, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!

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