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Who Governs the Government? by Grace-Anne Kelly

Melissa Lev
Published on 01 Apr 2021 / In Politics
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Truepremise 19 days ago


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1933HWR1945 20 days ago

Who governs the gov't.....the Jews of course.

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HereAmI 21 days ago

The job of government is mind control, hence the name. They themselves are controlled via all the disgusting perversions that they have to have before they are allowed anywhere near government; they also have to swear undying loyalty to the Edomite kingdom of Israel, or they will be passed over for high office. But the real government, no less disfigured and defiled by corruption and depravity, operates from the Inns of Court in the City of London, which is an independent jurisdiction placed like a cancer in the heart of the UK. They administer the Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the US, from the Inner and Middle Temples, originally according to the dictates of the Pope via his selected administrators, the Knights Templar, but subsequently via the jew, since his infiltration and subversion of that organization long since, and his corruption of it to serve his bestial lusts.
We should note that every British sovereign since the time of King John, when all this began, has been a member of these Temples, hence their willingness to go along with its dictates.

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HereAmI 21 days ago
ScreamingInSilence 21 days ago

I always thought Richard lll was the Last true King... I could be wrong though. History is so skewed.

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Freedom 21 days ago (edited)

You're on a roll today

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HereAmI 20 days ago

We have all been told of the importance of Magna Carta, which was signed in 1215, although it was immediately rescinded and annulled by the Pope, Innocent 13, a couple of months later. We have been told this document was created by barons to protect the rights of the people, via habeas corpus etc, but you know that the rights of common people have never been high on the list of priorities for the elite. What they were actually concerned about was that their allodial ie inalienable rights to hold and dispose of land given them by the sovereign was now under threat, as the Pope was exerting his rights to all the land in Britain and its future dominions - including, in due course, the US, Canada, and the countries of the empire, many of which were not the property of Britain, but were "Crown Colonies", eg Malta, Cyprus, India, and several others - which were owned and managed not by the English nation, but by the City of London, which is a different thing altogether. The Pope was able to pull off this heist because he claims to be, and at the time ( until Henry VIII's time ) actually was seen as, the Vicar of Christ, ie God's representative on earth, and so as scripture states that "The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein", then if these various monarchs wished to keep their power, which ultimately derives from God, as they recognise in their coronation oaths, then they have to obey this man. And he was now claiming the rights to dispose of his property according to his own wishes, as opposed to the wishes of some tinpot monarch like John. So as Shakespeare said, we have woven a tangled web.

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