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Whites are being slaughtered in South Africa. World media which is run by Jews completely ignore this.

Published on 02 May 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

i am surprised this is on Sky

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Soldier1 3 months ago (edited)

I'm surprised Sky did this report too. The whites need to leave Africa. If it were up to me, I'd bring them all here.
Whites and blacks historically don't get along. They're outnumbered there, and it's a terrible situation.

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Konigtiger1945 3 months ago

South Africa is too beautiful to be lost to niggers & their kike overlords

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apekillerX 3 months ago

Many of them cannot leave because of being financially destitute and homeless , caused by those fake ass jews and their himalayan mongolian apes ; that are financing and orchestrating White genocide , using their #1 genocidal rape weapon / war machine to achieve it aka planet of the spear chukin f...g apes ! 👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳

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BillyRayJenkins 8 days ago

@Konigtiger1945: Forget it, land can always be reconquered. Right now we have to secure the homeland. I believe if it was up to me, every German in Brazil/Argentina, everyone possible should return to Europe and fight for the future. I don't see us spread thin in 400 countries able to fight

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