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white slave auction

Published on 30 Mar 2021 / In Comedy


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DARRYL DUNCAN 1 month ago

That was amusing. Kids today huh? They were raised in a culture that wasn't their own. Blacks want to be loud, pornographic and go contrary to standards. White kids have a hard time in a black world. I would like to see people stop using drugs, marijuana and alcohol. These 3 things are dependency's no one needs. In my life I learned a few things about blacks and that is, if you are White never introduce a black guy to your women. Even if she is your girlfriend he will be trying to have sex with her the moment you want 10 feet away. First by grabbing his crotch he will be sending the subliminal messages to her and next thing you know is she will be having a black baby. No White guy should ever want to be around a White woman with a black child. I see it all the time now of course. Some of my neighbors are like that. I do not show them any disrespect nor talk to them any different than I talk to anyone else but it goes against the grain and is against nature. Even a dog knows you don't fuck a sheep. Why people mix is beyond me but the offspring will have neither of the qualities that make up each race. It is like breeding dogs whereby you select the qualities you want your pups to have. If you breed true to breed you get a purebred but if you mix them you get a Heinz 57.

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anomaly 1 month ago

Video doesn't load for me.... even after refreshing several times.

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