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White people please get out of SA! You cannot reason with These savage Inhumans! info below

Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣A white couple returning from the grocery store filmed numerous vehicles breaking traffic rules.

The occupants then tried forcing the couple off of the road. At one point managing to stop their vehicle and smashing its side window.

The couple fled to the nearby police station were they were attacked INSIDE the police station by the perpetrators.

The police did nothing to prevent the assault and attempted theft of the couple's cellphones.

The police furthermore instructed a private security company, who tried to intervene, to back off as it was a police matter.

The men continued to assault the couple and virtually held them hostage inside the police station.

White River, north of Nelspruit (renamed: Mbombela), Mpumalanga province.

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RobbyP 22 days ago

The screaming cunt was annoying

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ShortieLeeroy 22 days ago

White citizens are on their own.Protect yourselves by any means necessary.No one is coming to help you.

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JesseJames 22 days ago

Should of ran car off the fucking road and to get beat at the police station wow get the fuck out of that nigfer country let them animals eat each other

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Stan 23 days ago

What's happening in South Africa will come to all Western White nations - Mass immigration & laws against you as an ethnic group being justified, if you speak out against it they will call you racist & you will become a foreigner in your own country... Telling whites in SA to get out (5 million whites) is the most ridicules statement I'm hearing. I don't think you have ever met a white South African, a Boer - We do not run from a fight.

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Duck 23 days ago

black people behaving like devils.

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