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White Genocide In Ireland

Published on 11 May 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣White Genocide In Ireland

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Outcast 23 days ago

We can not say no to White Genocide.
Until we say yes to True Christianity and except the truth ,That we are the real Israelites of Jacob.
And denounce Judeo Christianity. And stop supporting of even giving any consideration for that snake pit in the middle east. And anywhere these Edomite lying devil's may reside.
If we do this and Repent of all the sin's we've done against GOD and our Brothers . We can be saved and have everlasting peace and The Christ Jesus/Yoshua will have our backs .in cleaning the filth from our homeland's.
I guarantee you all this!
Christ is King!

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pater409 25 days ago (edited)

Diversity is an evil, cynical, hateful lie pushed by the reeking, hook-nosed, perverted JEW coward. Jungle bunnies, porch monkeys and jigaboos do not belong in Ireland, period. Ireland is sinking especially fast because it has a pillow biter for a prime minister who is all the more willing to have his asshole violated by all the Bolshevik JEW faggots in Brussels. These traitorous cocksuckers and cowards will be paying an extremely painful price for their hateful crime, and I can't wait to witness it.

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Terry 1 month ago

They are not welcome on the island. Anyone who says they are and acts as such is a traitor to Europe.

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Kofajgogsos 1 month ago

All White traitors are worse then the enemy ! They will suffer the worst when it's time for the Awakened White Adamic Israelite Race , to : "" ARISE AND THRESH "" aka ""EXTERMINATE"" DEATH ! TO THE FAJ / SOS / GOG / MAGOG ! 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

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ARYAN VIKING 1 month ago

Ireland has had problems for a thousand years, all because of Jews. Much of History has now been rewritten but, England is a new nation. Back in the days of the Roman Empire no Whites even lived this land called England. Whites of Northern Europe travelled down to Ireland and Scotland and began the first colonies there. These were all Viking descended people and the ancestral religion of the White race was with gods and goddesses giving honor to natural forces. The words changed but the faith stayed the same. In these times we had Kings whom the Emperors paid annual tributes in gold and other treasures. When Whites first came to England they found building structures which the Roman Empire had built before them but they named the land England. Germans came over then and added to the growth of this new nation. The battles against the White Race began in several nations at once by Jews and Arabs who attacked our nations in large numbers. Whites in Northern Europe fought them for 700 years. They annihilated whole races of Asians and it was these people that Jews and Muslims had subverted through their desire for slaves. The Arabic Empire depended upon slaves for their economy and it was from these slaves that the first Jews were born. Jews may appear any color but all of them have Arabic progenitors. When they conquered Spain they put our people into slavery and murdered our Kings, taking for themselves all of their gold and other treasures. Next they attacked Italy, killing men and boys over half the nation and forcing their females into sexual services. Jews have always been mercenaries. They were never a religious group. It had been a Jew named Rothschild into the business of slavery with these Arabs, selling drugs to various nations and slaves. He began sending the British Empire into Ireland and Scotland, taking for themselves in bed with all newlywed brides. He sent soldiers to occupy Ireland and keep the people in captivity. Over time marriages took place between them but the drive for slavery always came from the Jews in England. Invading Mexico these Jews killed their Kings, producing the people we call Mexicans today. Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 and came to America and began killing the native Indians here. They also immigrated into Germany at that time. For 400 years the Jews in America captured African slaves while at the same time the Jews in England captured Whites as slaves and sold them to Middle Eastern Arabs. The signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 placed the United States of America into the the Dictatorship controls of the family Rothschild. They create the police forces we have whose job it is to reduce the numbers of Whites on this earth while World Wars kill tens of millions of Whites. Ireland survives because we Whites have always been strong and never submit to Jewish controls.

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