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White Dreams (Downtown)

Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Music

⁣Was a time when Downtown was the place of White Dreams. And from Los Angeles to Kansas City and Saint Louis, to Chicago to New York to London and Paris -- downtown was both an exciting and a safe place to go. Long since the Marxists opened our nations to the entire non-White world, Whites have had to flee their downtowns, and many parts of White nations are no-go zones where no Whites can safely go. End immigration into White countries. Throw the Marxists out to their country, Israel.

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AppalachianAmerican 1 month ago

Some people may not know but back when this song was released the White population in the USA was 85% and going downtown was terrific. Sure, there's always bad parts of town but you didn't have to worry walking around at night. It was fucking great, free & safe.
As far as cities being slimy cesspools of sin, it's only the people who frequent such that will do the same anywhere.
Since then virtually every once-great American city has been turned into a shithole.

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infusion 1 month ago

This is a product of the psychological operation. Downtown is the key word they were pushing. The zorg presence is strong

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TheRealmcGoy1 1 month ago

White dreams ... showing jew robinson 🤔🤨🤭

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Spectralwulf 1 month ago

In large cities, "Downtown" is no place to hang out and enjoy culture anymore - unless buying drugs or getting mugged is part of your culture. The criminals and mentally ill took possession of Metropolitan centers and drove civil society away. Today, "downtown" usually means the Police Department. Most people prefer shopping malls now and even they are becoming more dangerous with each coming generation. Preventing whites from having large, outdoor cultural centers to live near and freely gather together in safety prevents us from forming large social groups as well as turning our arts and entertainment to into garbage. A person living in a city can have hundreds of friends, family, and business/job connections. Being driven into the suburbs and small towns allows you to live in peace and safety but limits your social circles drastically.

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