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Where Did The Mysterious Swastika In This Forest Come From What On Earth

Published on 25 Feb 2021 / In Censorship
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Truepremise 1 month ago

Schwvazticka is Racially European in origin & means Greed/Compassion. It is the 6th ache/appetite/crisis/energy-consumption/hunger/metabolism/purpose....& it's essential for preserving Catharsism-Code....& the enemy has deprived Whites of that order to commit White Jenocide, because Whites are the only race to have ever acknowledged & venerated The Devil's-Son....& Dimensional Law & Deity & Death-Father & all 7 Race-Fathers & Weissen [Tyr's] & Grandfathers & Father [by partial preservational instinct] & Cousins/Self...adhered to Devil's-Son-Odalist-Theology.... Ijin Bin cannot find another Non-White who follows explicity Devil's-Son-Odalist-Theology.

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hereticking 2 months ago

When you take on the filthiest murdering liars in the world and you lose the fight you will be smeared and denigrated forever until the liars are stopped.

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NaTiVeNoMaD 2 months ago

Guilt ridden germans,GET OVER IT!It was the filthy jews!You get it?The fucking jews!🀬

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sungazer 2 months ago

Happy birthday!

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