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..when they are not gay line dancing they harass people for visiting a graveyard - IRELAND PIGGERS

Published on 07 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Man and woman removed from bus in Cork today for visiting a graveyard Fuck these traitors

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TheEvilWhite 1 month ago

Standard issue police bastards in their clownish dayglo jackets. Hopefully they've got two freshly dug holes waiting in that graveyard.

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BF109Luftwaffe 1 month ago

Do not comply. Defy their communist minions. Cops are instruments of controlled governments.

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pater409 1 month ago

What a lot of fucking cocksuckers. This is what happens when you have a fucking fudge packer for a PM. The Irish pigs take it up the ass, love it and are proud of it. Any faggot pig or stupid fuck in the health profession who participates in a fag dance deserves to have their lower legs amputated halfway between the knee and the ankle, then be forced to try to execute their fag dance. I hope these pigs die the most horrible, the most prolonged and the most agonizing of deaths.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

friends don't let friends suck cop. copsucking is sodomy.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

when attacked with words, attack back with words.
when attacked physically, attack back physically.

i will not kill anyone who does not attack me.
i intend to kill everyone who attacks me.

Bernhard Goetz 1984 was never protected by cops,
and was attacked many times by disparity of force niggers.
finally Goetz righteously killed niggers attacking him.
and then cops and the system attacked Goetz.

Goetz did not know. i do know. Goetz should have killed cops.

Gordon Kahl did not hunt cops; cops hunted him;
fed cops attacked him,
Gordon killed 2 fed cops,
later more cops attacked him,
Gordon killed 1 more cop and was killed by them.

in satanic osiris ritual, they chopped off his feet, hands, and head.

Gordon Kahl

people say i cannot say nigger.

people say i cannot say kill cops.
kill cops.

people say i cannot advocate for violence.
i advocate for violence.

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shane127 1 month ago

fck these parasites we know who they work for.

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