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When Pretending to Land on Mars Just Isn't Enough

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

From my bit-chute channel
originally from yt
ThePottersClay channel
rockets need air to push off of to propel them, NOTHING gets through our Creators firmament, space is a lie. I find it interesting when others take my videos and copy paste what I wrote under the video and do not give credit to who they got the video from.

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MaximumDong 2 months ago

In related news, it was just discovered that Whoopi Goldberg is not in fact a walking talking dookie as previously suspected by billions worldwide. (Of course the real joke here being that both stories are complete bullshit).

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TIGER 2 months ago

big woop, won't be the first helicopter in Greenland......

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apekillerX 2 months ago

No end to the FAJ / SOS land of make believe ! ""IF IT ISN'T THERE WE WILL MAKE IT ALL UP ""

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2 months ago

To bad ya unsubscribed because of our over population debate. You had some of the best comments.

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