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Published on 22 Mar 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

Jewish man gets caught red handed spraying anti-Jewish hate messages in New York
The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force on Monday arrested a man in connection with a series of anti-Semitic threats and vandalism in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Police charged David Haddad, 56, of Manhattan, with aggravated harassment as a hate crime. Sources told Fox 5's Lisa Evers that Haddad is himself Jewish and is related to one victims and knows another.

The NYPD has connected Haddad to four incidents: threatening phone calls made to an 80-year-old woman in Brooklyn on December 11, 2011; anti-Semitic symbols and statements scrawled on five apartment doors and a threatening phone received in a building in Manhattan on January 10, 2012; a threatening phone call made to an 87-year-old woman in Manhattan on January 11; and a threatening voicemail message left for a 78-year-old woman in Brooklyn on January 1, authorities said.

Sources said he is also the prime suspect in a rash of Swastika incidents and a phone threat over the weekend in Midwood.

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JimRizoli 3 months ago

"We have to get those people off the streets" ya the Jews....LOL

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jackellock 3 months ago

Big surprize.

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TheEvilWhite 3 months ago

Distorted swastikas on the garage door sure carry that distinct sloppy jew signature.

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NaTiVeNoMaD 3 months ago

Fuck you!

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NaTiVeNoMaD 3 months ago

Hey jews,the whole world hates you!And you know why .

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