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What modern Socialism looks like in Europe. Donbass factories going into the hands of the People

Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Documentaries

This small factory in Donbass will be turned into a cooperative. While the Oligarch owner fled to Ukraine his employees kept cleaning and maintaining the factory so it doesnt fall in ruin like many other factories did after adopting capitalism in the 1990s, the unemployed workers did this without getting paid anything for 2 years now.
Now this factory will be going back to their real owners, the workers.

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Ricsi 4 months ago

First job,repaint the outside,stop showing Ukrainian national colours,blue and yellow.

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AmericanKozak 9 months ago

Its too bad that Eastern Ukrainians and Western Bandera Ukrainians don't get along. From my limited awareness I would side with the Bandera Blood and Soil Ukrainians, my uncle fought the Ukrainian separatists who wanted to go back to the hands of the Russians. Russia and NATO are both very predatory and they are trying to take Ukraine under their rule because of how unstable it is. Two groups of conniving Jews trying to convince eastern and western ukrainians that their own people are the enemy, while the vermin sowing that brotherly hatred are the descendants of the ones that killed 12 million under commYIDnism.

I would not be surprised if the next Christ, Hitler, or Vishnu came from Ukraine. They are incredibly religious, hardworking, and oppressed people.

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