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What Is The Aussie Patriot's Roll For?

Published on 28 Jan 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

*thinking face*
☆why do they need your "bona fides" for their Patriots Roll??
☆why do they want you all on one list??
☆Why must you accept all the crazy claims "without judgement"?
☆And what about those new cybersecurity laws that would see them hand that list over with all your "bona fides"?
☆What are they being represented as by MSM?? rhetorical question - they are being presented as RIGHT WING - damn sure I don't approve of many of claims or tactics & I know a lot of fierce Patriots who won't be signing up ...
☆are you on the list??? ...

WATCH THIS ------ and subscribe while you are there ... would you believe she claims not to have known Labour members have to follow the party line? This is a well known fact generally let alone someone with ties like hers to politics...

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LeniRiefenstahl 3 months ago

Except if you are a NS.... then it doesnt want to know you.

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Number1 5 months ago

Go Wayne Glew! Love his work.

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AnxiousAussie 5 months ago

and the Patriot Roll now stands for nothing ... or everything ... I am waiting for the punch up between the Constitutionalists and the Treaty mobs. Or maybe it will be the virus deniers and the covid skeptics. Or maybe it'll be the ones who blame only the freemasons vs everybody else... Jeffs let the Patriot Roll be hijacked. I'll enjoy watching it implode. They can all chew bait as far as I am concerned.

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