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Weimar America

Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In Music

⁣Weimar America

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DARRYL DUNCAN 10 days ago (edited)

The one thing every police officer in these United States will let you know if you are White, is they hate you and will lie against you or manufacture a crime against you. Nobody hurts the White race as much as our police do. The police will do everything in their power to protect any Jew who pays money to murder hundreds of millions of us, they will protect anybody of another race in every way to make sure they get more than we get and they will protect and promote child molestation and homosexuals. The police want our guns, our property, our lives. America would have to sentence every Jew to immediate death before this country could begin to right the wrongs it has been committing.

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Arier53 29 days ago

In the old times Adolf Hitler puts an end to this shit. Nowadays, nobody is there to stop them

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DDoubleDD 29 days ago

A society that tolerates this is at its end.
And rightfully so.

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Lever_Action 29 days ago

DDoubleDD: Absolutely. #Acceleration-NOW!!!

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nycboy0156 29 days ago


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