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We invented science & sheeeit

Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In Niggers

Philip Emeagwali (invented the internet)

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foffwankers 5 days ago

Holy fuck this guy is a typical 60 I.Q'd version. Extremely uninformed.

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RobertCoxswain 5 days ago

Dear All:

I have always stayed away from the Emeagwali controversy simply because
I do not enjoy watching Nigerians/Africans pull each other down--
(ala our famous PHD syndrome.)

However there are some instances when we must speak up or else
the work of our true heroes, --the genuine achievers become rubbished
by association when the falsehoods perpetrated by some of us are
finally discovered.

I was also for many years taken in by the Emeagwali Phenomenon and Internet
self promotion. I looked him up on the Internet and I was impressed by all the

In the summer of 2002, I was approached by the Executive of the Nigerian Community
Association in Toronto to help find a keynote speaker who can helpmotivate our youths
at the Annual Independence Day celebration, I had no other person in mind but Dr Phillip Emeagwali.

However, after finally tracking him down I was shocked when he informed me of the costs for him
to appear in Toronto to speak to our youths:

a) Two return business class tickets for himself and his assistant

b) Round the clock limousine service from the moment he lands at the airport until he departs.

c) $10,000.00 speaking fee.

d) Hotel Accommodation--two rooms

After pleading with him, he promised that he would grant some discount on his speaking fee
because he would be directing his message to Nigerian youths in Canada--but that the other items were not negotiable.
We never did agree on the percentage of the discount on the speaking fee.

For obvious reasons, I did not bother to call him again. I managed to persuade myself, even briefly
that I had chosen the wrong vocation. I should have specialized on being a celebrity:)

It was years later, that I finally discovered that I was one of the millions worldwide who have been
fooled by the Emeagwali Phenomenon.



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Suzy3 5 days ago

Dam...he invented science as well? Fauci's sidekick?

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