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Watcha Doin' K Mac?

Published on 11 Sep 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills

I bet this is all just a cohen-cidence.

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Cheeseboy47 7 months ago

She's very pretty.

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9 months ago

Since you mention shithead's list briefly, interesting bit for the folks watching who don't know about it.
The movie claims to be based on an actual account yet the book it was based on is published as a fictional story.
Lies upon lies to shore up the six trillion dike & keep the truth from bursting out.

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BobbyMcGee 9 months ago

Jews spent decades subverting academia and bleated endlessly about 'academic freedom' and 'freedom of speech.' Jews were the ones who were most insistent about how tenure was an essential liberty so that academics could publish controversial research without fear of consequences. Without all this Jews could have never causes the damage they have. Kevin MacDonald just exploited this infrastructure and used it to our advantage. It really is as simple as that.

Yes, we definitely have subversive 'leaders' in the Dissident Right. Follow them for a while and it soon becomes embarrassingly obvious who they are. However, there are plenty of genuine leaders on our side who are well worth supporting. None of them are right about everything. All of them disagree with one another on somethings, some on many things. Find the ones you're most comfortable and support them! Leaders need followers and supporters. As many as possible, because without millions of supporters, leaders can't change anything. The Jews like nothing more than to see us so fearful that pro-white individuals distrust all potential leaders. They fear nothing more than us uniting around good leaders and good teachers.

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Lol_ 9 months ago

You're the false flag (much ado/to say about nothing).

In fact, such invective was probably meant to illicit this response. If so, well done, you. If not, keep your incoherent ramblings to yourself.

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9 months ago

Oh jeez, it looks like Lana the llama has created an account.

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