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Warning graphic! ED.Shishkin - Optimization of medicine ... or: - In life we are never considered and treated like cattle after death ... Heavy video, it is better not to watch ...

Published on 16 Nov 2020 / In Uncategorized

Warning graphic! morgue russian

This is the one that comes with the theme, who decided to live in Russia this is in Kursk.
If there is no time to swing, we need to be patient, and then we will be so high that there will be no sanctuaries! ps. PutinZog
SHOCK 2020.🔥🔥🔥
Heavy video, impressive, better not to watch.

#Jewishdidthis #PutinZog #namethejews

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nimble23 12 days ago

Fucking psychotic..

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standyourground 1 month ago

Jews are into organ harvesting, human embryo trafficking, sex trafficking, baby snatching and child sacrifice rituals

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underrepresented 2 months ago

Sounds slavic.

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BKarmetsky 2 months ago

I surely wish more specifics -- dates to this, locations, the facility, who are these people who are obviously white. We also know the Jews are waging war against the white race. All of us. Look to the words of Abe Foxman. Look how media is pushing black-white relationships producing mongrel offspring as out of love" when there can't be any actual love there. The new film "On the Rocks" is one of these Hollywood films pushing miscegenation.

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Them624s 2 months ago

Oh and one more thing, doesn't the thumbnail pic of video remind you of an early 90's Cannibal Corpse album cover of The Bleeding? Great album btw.

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