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VertigoPolitix- On Frenemy Liberals and Closed Circles Choosing Allies

Published on 09 Nov 2020 / In Uncategorized

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What we cut off can be measured by the direct proportion of our understanding of our own selves.

The narrator begins, assuming that any individual has matured to the state of development to be able to make any decision, based upon... what... emotions?... because that is exactly what the narrator is inferring!

He is deceptive, and a fool... moreover an infiltrator and subvertor!

I state this because he does not offer a solution to end it all, yet simply "stirs" the proverbial "pot".

He is disgusting, in my view!

He impies to go where there is least resistance, instead of pressing in and seeking to gain a reasonable "closure" or "agreement to disagree"!

Moreover, those who reject us, in our immature state, are also immature, in their state, and only are rejecting us because they fear that "change" in us, and the world makes it too easy these days to reject, because there are far too many "fair-weather" "likes" on our social media accounts, to console us and tell us that we made the "right decision"!

Moreover, in our pain, we usually tend to seek what our itching ears want to hear, or itching eyes want to see and read, to convince and persuade us that the decision we made is legitimate!

Once we know our true, personal identity, all of this falls away like dried skin!


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minkaminka 5 months ago

Great Advice, thank you

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UninformedConsent 5 months ago

Something like this happened to my ex. Apparently a large chunk of her friends and family won't talk to her anymore because she's conservative. Not surprising given the state of the average citizen in my country.

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