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Venezuelan Soldiers to US Coup attempt ''We will be your Latin American Vietnam''

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

Venezuelan Soldiers response to #OperacionLibertad, a US backed coup that could trigger a war.

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iamfjk 8 months ago

Another bunch of useful idiots , hired by the fake azz jews aka SOS , to destroy White European Nations and their White Adamic Race ! Soon Yahweh will intervene on behalf of the victimized White's and he will exterminate all fake azz jews and their global hordes of weaponized sub-humanity ! The sooner it happens the bloody damn better !!

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TomasBoarman 9 months ago

vietnam was to genocide the poorest asians, create chaos in the states and piss off an entire generation of mostly working class white men so they would never trust anyone ever again. also good for weapons testing and cia drug/gun/ slave running but agree with these guys. It is their nation and resources. Unfortunately, we are the latest embodiment of the east indies tea company and even 30 yrs ago, I myself was part of panama/nica ops and people still think it was some noble bs.
we need to stop this shit and become isolationist protect ourselves and leave other nations alone. Nationalism is the only way out.

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DouglasMuller 1 month ago

Didnt they also use our presence in the oriental as well Latin america to murder off the more intelligent less controllable genetic bloodlines?

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