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V01: The 2nd Hitler: Dr Hendrik Verwoerd: Greatest White leader in the history of S.Africa

Published on 11 Feb 2021 / In Politics

Dr Verwoerd is known as The Architect of Apartheid. He was a Christian, but also a closet NAZI. The Jews of South Africa hated him intensely.

In later videos we will look at the Jewish hatred of this man, and the key Jew who orchestrated his assassinations and murder.

This is the first video in an important series dealing with the greatest White leader who ever ruled in southern Africa in the more than 360 years that Whites have been here. Verwoerd was a Dutch man who ruled South Africa. He worked with tremendous energy to unity all Whites and to heal the divide between the Afrikaans and English speaking Whites.

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hocuspocusfocus 20 days ago

Thanks Jan - very interesting

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HistoryReviewed 19 days ago

Glad you liked it. More is coming, and much of what is coming is new. Its not been seen before. Don't miss the part about the Jew who orchestrated his death. It will rock you. It's the greatest secret in South African history.

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HistoryReviewed 20 days ago

I hope you will watch this series. This is very important stuff and you will hear things that are not mentioned by others. In this series I will reveal the JFK mystery of South Africa.

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