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Used Up Harlot Tries To Justify Her Life As A Strong Independent Woman That Don't Need No Man

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

Used up Whore

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TinyCow 2 days ago

Good. Im glad that jewess didnt produce any more filthy fucking evil kiklelets

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mat6719 3 days ago

She needs to add more make up and then hopefully suffocate from it.

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NewWorldEbola 4 days ago

below average looking roastie bitch. what a sack of shit.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 4 days ago

if she were hot or remotely attractive i'd listen to her but man

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AsianRacialist 6 days ago

Yeah wait till she goes into a retirement home, see how she will like it when it is "boogey as fuck" when she has to be "taken care of" by niggers or beaners on the affirmative action.

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