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UCL President supports free speech for 'Holocaust Deniers'

Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

President of University College London supports free speech for 'Holocaust Deniers'. Jews are fuming and demand he apologize.

Twitter: Times Radio
Mar 08 2021
Dr Michael Spence, president & provost of UCL, says UCL's commitment to free speech is so deep that a holocaust denier could be invited to speak, but the university would have a 'responsibility' to look 'after Jewish and other students and staff.


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WhiteMiasma 1 month ago

" long as there weren't going to be public order proplems we weren't going to be able to control..." Hmm, well what, or who would cause that?

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mrcunto 1 month ago

This cunt says it's not credible to deny the holocaust, what a lie, obviously never did any research or is either jewish or is paid by jews so says what he has to say to keep his money going into the bank every month, a cunt in other words.

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