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Two Czech Girls Livestreaming a Fatal Car Accident on Facebook (English Subtitles)

Published on 07 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

Extremely bizarre video captures a fatal car crash resulting in death of a driver. Starting with only five online viewers, a few hours

later the video went viral in the Czech Republic.

Two Czech girls were livestreaming their trip to their hometown. Both girls were enjoying their ride, singing a song

(containing dirty lyrics), complaining about not having boyfriends and encouraging boys to join them. Nikola Vorlova in the passenger's

seat, who was holding her phone and livestreaming, was telling viewers how Nikola Barabasova, the driver, had drived at 180 km/h on

their way to Most earlier that day. A few minutes before the crash, Nikola Barabasova was on the phone with her grandma. Trying to reach the maximum speed, Nikola Barabasova lost control of her car and crashed into a bus stop. The phone fell on the back seat and kept livestreaming after the crash.

The emergency services arrived 10 minutes later. Nikola Barabasova was transported by helicopter to the hospital where she later died. Nikola Vorlova was injured but released from hospital a few days later.

The video contains English transcript.

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Onlythetruth1939 11 days ago

Silly whores.... a lesson was learned here for her ...

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 13 days ago

noting, accident happens after 10o or so.

being serious not humor,
i study codes, symbols, including supernatural codes humans could
not be capable to make happen but good or bad supernatural forces could.

i haven't seen this much yet but this incident is the 2nd one
where someone with a name variation on Barabbas died.

Barabbas was the criminal set free in order for Jesus to be crucified that day.
and barabbas was infact a criminal but he was set free.

Barabbas itself means son of the father, bar son, abba father.

so in the news the past month or so, this is the 2nd time
a person with Barabbas varient died, not any common name for americans
but maybe is more common elsewhere i don't know.

Barabasova , barabas ova ova meaning female, ovum, etc.

Vorel is a common Czech surname that derives from orel (eagle).
The feminine form of the name is Vorlová.

possible codes:
- the eagle lived, Barabbas finally received death. ?
- kjv, Revelation, woman(remnant) is given wings of an eagle and flown to safety.
- kjv, 2 persons in the field, one is taken the other left.
- kjv, 2 persons sleeping, one is taken the other left.

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MichaelDukakis 14 days ago

Don't livestream and drive, stupid bitch.

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Antseemite 14 days ago

Females are inherently narcissistic, trying desperately to fill the black hole which is female attention

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