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Tulum Mexico After Four cops were charged with murder of mother by knelt on her neck!!!!

Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

After Four cops were charged with murder of mother, 36, after woman officer knelt on her neck and SNAPPED two vertebrae during intoxicated and disorderly arrest in Tulum Spanish Women Come Out In Numbers To Protest The Ghastly Brutality While Using A Make Shift Battering Ram Against Police

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MaximumDong 1 month ago

Molotov cocktails work best in this situation.

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Whitmann 1 month ago (edited)

That Mexico city "El Zocalo" (thepresent day presidential national palace)

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Soldier1 1 month ago

The neck related injuries and deaths are beginning to really add up. I wonder if Mexican cops are trained by the IDF too?

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VaXXXaNation 1 month ago

Training Americans in Israel by Israeli Military suggests America is no longer the greatest fighting Force in existence and it's Training Methods second rate. Must be a real slap in the face for those that train and serve in The American Military.

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