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😒Trudeau the Pansyass Tyrant: "Operation High-Speed"

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

The pansy is at it, yet again.
Bragging about vaccines... high-speed internet/tech... and, kissing SO MUCH foreign ass. Basically? Canadians really Dont exist. Typical.

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whitepride73 4 days ago

I hate this filthy two faced sand nigger. Back in the day, this idiot actually shaved and didn't look like a jew. A total 100% piece of shit this garbage filth needs to be shot out into space with the rest of the sub human filth he let pour into this country.

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bowhunter 17 days ago

what about the human rights in youre own country you useless piece of shit

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General J.D. Ripper
General J.D. Ripper 17 days ago

Ffs. Canada is going to experience a food shortage within the next week. More carbon taxes as well.

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CelticAwake 17 days ago

Thanks for the breif update; i wasnt too sure.😓 Time is speeding up and things are happening so fast, i find its often hard to keep track of some things😓

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