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This is UK , ⁣man gets dragged into a van in South Woodford

Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

This is UK , ⁣man gets dragged into a van in South Woodford

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

van driver is not fren.

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Lever_Action 29 days ago


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Xtreme 1 month ago

This is what whites should be doing. Forming groups and disappear the mother fuckers.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

when a nigger is found dead from a gunshot wound but nobody saw or heard anything it happened at night when he was alone, they don't have a way to know it came from a suppressor, as long as you use a "dry can" not wet. it's just a bullet. noone knows what time it happened. if outside noone knows what direction it came from. sweden's "laser man" faild because he used a laser. don't. dc sniper lasted a long time and could have gone longer, frankly he could have never been found, and it can be more than one person doing it.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

niggers stealing another nigger,
extra nigger wants to help him but is afraid.

just a quick tactics note if you find yourself
witnessing something like this but don't know
who is doing what.

1 - mostly, don't get involved because - you don't know who is doing what.


2 - if you see niggers attacking a white in this manner,
and you are outgunned, outmanned, and can't stop the incident,
what you CAN do is pull out a knife, run to the other side of the van,
they will at least be stuck, and time is their enemy.

just saying. if you need to stop some vehicle from driving away,
stab a tire, stab more than one if you can.

NOTE about stabbing tires - use a blade shape that can be PULLED OUT EASILY,
as the pressure of the tire will be intense and make it difficult.
an ice pick is actually more ideal but may not make a big enough hole to flatten quickly,
so then make multiple stabs.
2ndly, STAB THE SIDEWALL not the tread, which has a lot more reinforcement internally
and more rubber externally.

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yardfowl 1 month ago

...and use a firm grip other wise you might end up bleeding .

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 month ago

@yardfowl: reverse grip, thumb on pommel, blade out, i also dislike knives without a decent handguard, and i don't fully trust folders i prefer fixed. jmo.

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Freedom 1 month ago

Appears to be a coon. His fellow coon looked like a monkey watching his fellow monkey get eat by a crocodile.

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BlueJ_io 1 month ago

his organs will not be missed

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Lever_Action 1 month ago

Once a man wakes up to the fact that all of the "authority figures" he grew up believing were there to protect him are actually the juden's sayanim sent to destroy him...then he wakes up to reality which is that there is no black & white; all of the lines are fuzzy, everyone is a potential threat and you are own your own. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times and if you get the adrenaline dump then, by all means, go with it and don't hesitate. Otherwise, you get stuck

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