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This is one of many warriors that our enemy has taken down Rick Heskey

Published on 21 Mar 2021 / In Censorship

this video should be watched with This explains it
If you don't know about his channel, he was uploading alot of material, at a very high rate, which exposed the crimes of the enemy, including the lies of the holocaust. That is all now gone.

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NedsHead 18 days ago

It's a bad day when the counter-goyim team show up

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 26 days ago

just fyi kids.
spotting fedposters / jewposters / etc., a few things i've learned.

i notice many fedposters are formerly prison inmates, ponder this:

they were degenerates to begin with thus why were in prison.
they accepted abduction.
they become as ed norton american history x led by a stacey keach.
they get offered to join the cool kids club and be a special operator.

the "crying nazi" christopher cantwell is of this type.

a legit white supporter does not promote whitegirls to be in porn.
white girls are our sisters, daughters, mothers, i don't publish pictures of them as sluts,
that is what niggers and jews do.

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AriSStocrat 19 days ago (edited)

Also, someone does not have to be considered a Fed or Jew or Mossad operative if their message is undesirable for our cause. (Promotion of pornography is an example of this) I would also like to give the experience of a personal friend and comrade whom I trust very much. Before he became racially aware, he was convicted for a one-time drug offense. Because of my awakening over the past years, I was able to lead him to an understanding of the destructive nature of addictive chemicals. This is a man who, regardless of his own struggle overcoming substance abuse, will never promote or defend the use of drugs by our people again. I think there is forgiveness for genuine people. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine who is serving enemy interests in the edge cases; these situations are more clear-cut. We also can't just call every revolutionary pro-white person a fed-poster. That's what the enemy is doing to prevent us from taking on the right mindset. Psy-ops are real. The ones I see usually take the form of good white men being accused of being controlled opposition or Jews, even if their strategies are only naïve or misguided. Pathetic whites who still believe in electoral politics usually dogpile these good white men, pushing away the ones who offer real solutions for "stirring things up." The truth is that Jews will crack down on white leadership regardless of the actions of whites. It doesn't speed up or slow down because of another demonstration, incident, or news story.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 19 days ago

@AriSStocrat: AGREED. Darryl Duncan on this site is a GREAT GUY and gives us detailed insight of having been imprisoned. so i definitely don't mean everyone who's been in jail is bad, i moreso meant if someone is now today promoting porn of white girls they are remaining degenerate and promoting it. when dox info comes out on former black bloc (white kids) and current antif (mostly white kids) we seem to learn many have a criminal record, as did ALL THREE that Kyle Rittenhouse shot.

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POLAND_STRONK 26 days ago

I'm sure police needed tracking tablet to find someone who shows his face and name on Bitchute... ;D

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DelagoriusFinley 26 days ago

Police are pigs, I know from personal experience off of living here in Brazil, Sooner or later when we start fighting back a lot of those pigs will sell out and fight for the Jew for no other reason than they enjoy being good little slaves on a paycheck, I mean for fucks sake mate there's even papers going around about how there's a fucking IQ bar for they're hiring, If you show signs of intellegince you straight up can't join the Police, The should fucking ring quite a few alarm bells.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 27 days ago

The police here in America can go into any home at any time they want. I remember back in 1986 they went into my home with a Search Warrant saying they were looking for certain items but none of those items were in my house. You see how they do it? This is just a trick they use to get into your home. All of my neighbors gathered round so these police officers then began bagging up a lot of my own personal property and walking it out the door for them to see. My TV and everything else they simply took and these items were not on the List. They made me look bad to all of my neighbors. The newspapers only publish stories to look one way- bad against you and good for the police. I asked a Judge if I could have my property back and he said I would have to go through Civil Court to get my property back. Of course I never got my property back.
In later years I met another White man who had received a 90 year Federal Prison sentence. What was his crime? The police had a Search Warrant to go into his home but had not found anything they were sent there to look for. They did find some Coffee Filters above his Coffee Pot in the Kitchen Cabinet and outside in a Utility Room where he kept his Camping equipment they found a container of Coleman Lantern Fuel sitting next to his Coleman Lantern. Several hundred yards from his home sat an old El Camino and the police found several Galvanized Iron and PVC Pipes. The case the Federal Authorities made against him was that these materials were used in the manufacturing of the drug methamphetamine and the pipes were used in making pipe bombs.
White folks be warned: these Jews can make a case out of nothing to send us to prison.

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NedsHead 18 days ago

I didn't realise America was as bad as the Commonwealth countries like the one I live in, we have some hard times ahead.. hope we make it!!

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