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This is Garda Geraldine Greene from the "Diversity and Integration unit" , honk honk

Published on 16 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

There are now 281 garda "diversity officers" around the country. They need to justify their existence. Since last October the Pulse System has facilitated the recording of "hate crime" and "non-crime hate incidents" online and off. The latter she describes as "incidents that don't meet the threshold of a criminal offence". All that matters is whether someone perceived racism and gardaí are obliged to record it and investigate. She keeps hammering that point. Dr Ebun Joseph perceives everything as racist so I'd love to see her file (or file cabinet). There's a forum for NGOs to look over the gardaí'

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Zenith26 2 months ago

Aiding and abetting an invading enemy. This is Treason by the definition of the word, the likes of this scumbag bitch should be hung. 150 years ago, pre ZOG, they would be. Where is the hate crime legislation in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Israel to protect Whites, non Muslims and non Jews? There isn't any.

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Hopeisfree 3 months ago

The only hate crimes committed in Ireland are and always have been, anti-Irish, anti-Catholic hate crimes! She's a traitor to her own! Disgraceful!

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patpappano 3 months ago

It is clear that this woman never had any meaning in her life until she got this job with the Garda and then suddenly, she is somebody. For the first time in her life, she has an objective, something to work toward. And she has certainly learned her training. The problems with such people are two, as I see it. There are plenty of them and they will never in a million years ever understand what is wrong with them.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 3 months ago

Well said I totally agree!!! The problem with women in power is that they have an ego that by far outweighs a man's ego.

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PFAER 3 months ago

These people are the real criminals

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 3 months ago

This is an invasive species threat. Which can result in extinction. I'm setting up a 501c3 to enact the very laws that jewish people setup after Hitler and the Holocaust. Time for new nuremberg trials ;)

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