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this cunt thinks he's English- Deport

Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

...⁣Indian actor Rahul Kohli who claims on twitter to be English refers to English people as "White cunts"

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whitepride73 1 day ago

send him packing to Allah

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pater409 7 days ago

He looks about as English as a roll of sushi.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 8 days ago

what is he talking about

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NewWorldCircus 8 days ago

White people need to take everything back.

Stop trying to be a good "Jesus loves everybody" Christian.

We were definitely played.

Even if Jesus does love all of us, it does not mean we should all live amongst each other.

In reality these scumbag shit skins will do everything they can to wipe out the white man, and take his technology to advance their own people.

Time for the KKK to come back.

A new KKK.
A better operated KKK.

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Terry 9 days ago

Filthy foreign rat. Get off our soil.

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