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,,,they put it out in the open as comedy & the zombies laugh

Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In Uncategorized

Aborted fetuses are inventory for satanic laboratories, along with child trafficked victims. They put it out in the open as comedy & the zombies are laughing about it.

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Lego 1 month ago

Oridinary people who eat organ meats from cows, hogs and chickens show increased energy levels. Humans are naturally meat eaters. Now, if you were the (((devil))), plant based food won't help you; its only flesh from people (gentiles) that you can eat... Read the Talmud, the Jews believe that cannibalism is acceptable!!

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HonkHonkler 1 month ago

Disgusting. I hate these demons.

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Freedom 1 month ago

If these women in the audience found out it was skin cut off the breasts of new born girl babies they wouldn't be laughing about it. They'd be marching in the street. But because its men, they don't care. They look at it as pay back to those bully men that have held them down. Never expect a woman to concern herself with mens issues or weaknesses. They are too concerned about their own to care.

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momento 1 month ago

Sick. She says Korean babies. She didn;t want to say Israeli babies. It's safer that way, for many reasons.

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