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They got their guilty verdict wtf else they want? I hate this world...

Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣They got their guilty verdict wtf else they want? I hate this world...

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Paulsmithatkins 26 days ago

The driver should not have stopped. His life is now in danger.

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HereAmI 26 days ago

They want?
Sports shoes, TVs, cash, Popeyes, food tokens.
Just the usual things losers want.

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FFT88 27 days ago

What else can I say, typical fucking niggers.

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Rockwell 27 days ago

are blacks rioting already?

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DARRYL DUNCAN 27 days ago

Is this over the Boy George Floyd cop trial? People are sure raising a big fuss over something most people would never think twice about. What people should discuss is the way the police have been treating all of us for 50 years now with their Plea Bargain Sentencings. People who have never been arrested do not know how the police and courts operate in every city, small town, county and State in America but the fact is that anybody can be put in jail for a crime they didn't commit by police who do not have to verify you did the crime. Trial Courts do not have to prove guilt. Because trial sentencings are for maximum lengths many people are then forced to have to sign Plea Bargains for lesser sentence lengths. When you go before a Judge on such a deal you are angry enough at a system that can put you in prison without having to prove you guilty. The Judge will then tell you to admit guilt for the crime in order to receive the lesser sentence. If you say "Your Honor I didn't commit the crime but am being forced to do this simply because a Trial can give me 20 years without having to prove me guilty" the Judge will reschedule. You will then be told that you must say you are guilty to get the lesser sentence. This is nothing but a strong arm tactic to force you to do something they know is wrong. Imagine all the people who have been sent to prison wrongfully since 1980 when Plea Bargains began and then you see why no one believes in the police.

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