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Peck Erwood
Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

back when the military was all white. admiral birds final journey to antarctica. i wasnt aware they had a 'rockefeller mountains' out there. they sure pushed this under the rug, as always - fucking us.

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mics972 14 days ago

The truth about Admiral Byrd, his actual statements, don't watch this video if you can not handle the truth!
Video :

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mics972 14 days ago

Great propaganda film, there's nothing down there in Antarctica, "just ice and penguins!" - F*CKING HILARIOUS ..
All those thousands of brave men battling crushing sea ice packs and penguins!

A wonderful adventure film, 10 minute mark, They battle the harsh 'elements' many
sailors were injured!

So unbelievable the sea pack ice was so treacherous! - The narrator was full of imagination
Going to little America and the Bay of Wales, Antarctica the land of wonder -

18 minute mark an America submarine battles an ice berg, and is in mortal danger
of being sunk, it is in a white battle of dangerous ice!

20 minute mark a helicopter goes down as the rotor ice up, more battles with ice
and the submarine needs to be towed.

23 minute mark, two thousand are marooned in a 'frozen sea' of deadly ice as they
are without their ice breaker! The ship had hit some big sea ice, damage below the
water line.

24 minute mark, another major battle with sea ice!

Admiral Byrd, with a full battle group he meets what? 28 minute mark, the big penguins,
even bigger the Emperors penguins!

30 minute mark, battling the ice again, blasting their way through the ice!
Sea Bee's help getting through the pack ice and deep ice crevices, and
more silly penguins.

32 minute mark, The church flag as protestant and separate Jewish services! -

33 minute mark plane invasion, critical timing for an 800 mile flight. Admiral Byrd again,
another storm is head our way. They all must leave now before the terrible storm strikes!

40 minute mark, the blizzard storm comes full force a gale as a bitter cold wind blows and blows.

45: 30 minute mark, the famed U.S. destroyer makes its entrance now as it battles rough seas!-
The ship is going down, quick quick men get on the life boats hurry men!

49: minute mark a plane makes a discovery, finding land without any ice or snow,
the men find this "headline discovery" and a 5 mile lake and minerals of such.

52: minute mark, Admiral Byrd now makes a hasty retreat, in now for only weeks in what
was supposed to be a long 6 month expedition, the mission is done! Getting all the men
out to safety Admiral Byrd then makes one more last flight, before the darkness of an 8 month
comes again.

Bye Bye Antarctica, see there. There was no Third Reich, no UFO's, just penguins, seals, and wales! ; - P
Admiral Byrd makes his triumphant return and makes his crew swear a secret oath to never tell, and
by "threat of death", the truth must never be told- !.

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