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the worst country in the world

Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Israel / Zionism


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Vermillion292 25 days ago

The Jews are not of Israel, they are of Judah.

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bannedforhatespeech 25 days ago

that is why I sometimes refer to them as the false Israel.

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HereAmI 25 days ago

Totally, totally, agree with you.
When I decided to get baptized in the River Jordan in 2015, in the exact place where my Lord and Saviour was baptized by John, I specifically ensured that I would do this via the country of Jordan, and keep out of that den of filth and depravity called "Israel."
They are the serpent's seed, as the Lord stated both at Genesis 3, 15, and during His later ministry on earth.
But your wish for the absolute destruction of this land of wickedness and debauchery and depravity is to be fulfilled, as we see when we read Obadiah verse 18.
If you recall, the Lord Jesus spoke a parable during His ministry which involved a vineyard, and the persons who were allowed to rent it from the Owner, and what they then did to that Owner's Son, and it was stated that in due course they would be brought forth and slaughtered before Him.
Haste the day.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 25 days ago

Good video discussion. There is nothing wrong with hating anyone you choose. Also, we give energy to others when we hate them so best to find ways to bring justice to the world by exposing them and putting them into prison rather than hate them. When we cannot imprison the guilty because our authorities are the criminals then we can do neither and can only watch our nations go the way the Jew wants.

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