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The War on Whites - EXPOSING the Plan for White Genocide

Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

Wite Genocide

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ARYAN VIKING 26 days ago

Sounds like the black boy who wrote the song can't keep a dick out of his mouth. He has a lot of Jewish Rabbi friends I bet! They can't keep little boy dicks out of their mouths.

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Mr. Anonymus
Mr. Anonymus 27 days ago

While that ending statement was steeped in truth, he left out the important part and I think it may be the largest folly ever made by the western man. When you give someone something they themselves did not have to work for (i.e. that light and spark of truth I think was how he worded it) they never respect you for it nor do they appreciate the gift given. No, they hate your very presence and spit on that which you have given so freely. SHIP THEM BACK AND KICK OUT THE ONE’S HERE ILLEGALLY. It is the only way forward

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David_Greco 28 days ago

"The Jews are the scum of the Earth but they are also great masters in lying" Schopenhauer

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