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Melissa Lev
Published on 02 May 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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pater409 6 days ago

What a cringe-inducing compilation. One can't help thinking some of these are staged: are most Americans this emotionally unstable now? We'll see how excited all these stupid fucks are when they're pushing up daisies; I just hope they suffer before their hearts stop beating and that, in the final moments of their death throes, they are struck by the devastating realization of their fatal, moronic gullibility. The smug fucking bitch at 2:52 in particular deserves to go a few rounds with a 34-inch Louisville Slugger--the same laughably stupid, virtue-signaling bitch who's calling out face diaper burners as stupid and selfish.

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Soldier1 7 days ago

I'm okay with these folks being vaccinated. Cowards are first in the fire on judgement day.

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LIZARD_MAN_6662 7 days ago

Useless eaters

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apekillerX 7 days ago

Its sad ! Seeing how those predatory FAJ / SOS / GOG prey on those who have been stulltified and zombified by the fake ass jew media and communist bolshevik prison system for children and adults aka public schools and universities. Stupidity is the best friend of all FAJ / SOS / GOG. The dumbed down masses are no threat to their power and control , but those who are intelligent and awakened to the truth and the M.O. of fake ass jews are considered enemies of the state and their stasi police ! White's are the #1 targeted demographic.Now you know why those sewer rat fake ass jews are enforcing muzzles - lockdowns and lethal injections in all White Nations.

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