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The Sound of Circumcision

Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

This is why your doctor doesn't let you in the room when he commits this terrible deed on your baby. This is what YOUR baby sounds like until he passes out from the torture. BABIES DO NOT SLEEP DURING CIRCUMCISION.

The first 30 seconds are the final stages of the forced retraction, tearing the foreskin from the glans. At the 30 second mark you hear the most ungodly sounds that a human voice can utter, that is when the first cut is made in the baby's penis.

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jackellock 3 months ago


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Freedom 6 months ago

Have never understood that barbaric ritual. Makes no sense at all.

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6 months ago

Just like everything that is going on today, It makes perfect sense if your plan is to destroy a man, Start with his penis... Sad thing is all the parents that went along with it for no reason other then to serve the Jews.

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