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The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 - (1) The Jewish Takeover of Europe Begins

Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In Freemasonry

The Jews took over Russia with their Communism, passed their first official act - "The Antisemitism Act", mass murdered 10's of millions just in Russia, ran the genocide of 16 million Christians in Ukraine, the Holodomor, and began the ethinic cleansing of millions of White Christians across the Baltic nations.The Jewish press told Americans that Germany wanted to take over the world, as the Jews red terror, which outnumbered the German military 10 to 1, murdered and genocided their way West across Europe, and the (((Freemason))) controlled Western Allies, terror bombed German civilians from the air, en-route to the perverse Jewish takeover of Christian Europe. See where the Jews on-going Kalergi plan for White genocide began, in part 1 of Dennis Wise's outstanding documentary, The Secret Masonic Victory in WW2. ⁣

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SerIntegral 17 days ago

Thanks, keep fighting. *suscribed*

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apekillerX 18 days ago

Those FAJ / SOS / GOG and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhumanity :( magog ): will soon be exterminated as prophesied in the scriptures and apocrypha. Obadiah 1:15-18

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