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The Root💰of ALL Evil: A Breif Introduction

Published on 13 Feb 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

••LOUD TRADITIONAL WHITE TRIBAL MUSIC ALERT😑 Dont like what you hear, hit “mute”😁••

Hey, everyone😊
As the world continuously seemingly goes down the drain, i figured; why not put something Extra special into the blend? This is a little intro to a subject ive been studying on/off for a few years now, and truly wish to help expose it to others out there. We all need to wake up to this madness. Blue or Red? pick a pill...

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WhiteTramplesDirt 11 days ago

You seem a smart girl and willing to learn which is a true rarity these days. I'll tell you what I know about our past. Humans, as they say were created in the image of a or the "creator", which translates to: we're creators. Period. Whether we create from deep down our inner worlds to the physical also known as "Magic" or use "Matter" already within the world itself to create and "animate" the stuff already present, (after we figure out it's divine spark) to get the outer stuff to "act", it's all up to us. Using stuff to "create" is mediocre Magic also known as Science. Both ways of creation can be used for good or bad. That's completely up to the individual without restriction cause creation is neutral and you're a unique divine being within it all. Now you can imagine this used to scare the living hell out of past rulers and still does to this very day. Nobody likes the idea of you being an all powerful being that can do pretty much "EVERYTHING" it sets it's mind to. The first ever to hate you for it was Satan. So what was their way to combat your infinite potential? Extreme fear, torture, murder, in the worst way possible. Like the one we witnessed during the dark ages/witch hunts when "Magical Knowledge" made a comeback though didn't live long. I'm talking about knowledge of subtle "noise" in your human code/body affected by sounds and buzzes around you that you feel and are aware of if you're high energy as a child that trains this quality over the years. The knowledge of vibrations you are unable to hear since your brain filters out the majority of things around you so as to not drive you insane when you're simply living your life "by distractions" that ruin the potential to awaken your inner creator. There is such a thing as sacred geometry in sound, certain frequencies create certain logical cube like shapes which are likely to be the basis for this reality. Another strange thing is intent and or will, which creates logical shapes like in water for example when frozen and looked at from up close. Especially the differences between loving intent and that of hatred. Hatred creates these black hole-like diseased looking shapes while love has interesting symmetrical looking shapes. Now if you think about it, everything has it's own little buzz within it's infinite fields and we're either affected by them or not, aware and not aware.
A Hex, in Germanic languages means a witch. Hexing also means to curse someone or something. Cursing is done with the mouth, with words, words are vibrations with a certain "intent/will" and meaning to them. Whether we believe it or not, vibrations affect us and change certain aspects within our very core, especially if the intent is strong, the curse is livid and the emotion is furious. Now a Hexagon appears to have been our ultimate understanding on reality. Even in the long distant past. In fairytales witches used them to summon demonic entities by playing with the Hexagon and the ways they used to invert it or made to focus inwardly or outwardly by adding pyramidal shapes to it's sides with a deeper understanding of reality than most of us do now. Where they got the immaterial wish to solidify over time through sheer intent with the help of the most sacred shape within reality, the Hexagon.
This sparked the world's fiercely inhumane period in human history, that of sadistic torture, though most didn't even practice or have knowledge of such things but were made to suffer in vile, horrible ways for the "sin" of being beautiful, especially women or men for being way too "knowledgeable" for their own good. Sure, the Hexagon hasn't always been used for pure means but a lot of innocent people had been harmed in an unforgivable sadistic way for some "cleansing" of sorts. Thus humanity fell into a deep slumber of sheer ignorance for hundreds of years, not knowing anything about who they are spiritually, whether they have a soul or what the point of living is. They were spiritually drained and deprived of any knowledge of their inner self. The inquisitors made sure this knowledge was burned, lost or hidden and then ridiculed over several years and generations, cause it was deemed too dangerous to share with anyone, especially with the "commoners". Years later to give humanity another "purpose", to keep them from becoming stagnant and utterly lost biological matter.. They introduced "mediocre magic". That of the external, away from the internal, away from the soul, away from the source of all life and existence. So science then came to be, though at first it used to hold a link with our inner reality, teachings such as, Alchemy, the Aether as being the 5th element were reduced into the mundane and simplistic in a despicable act to reduce the human soul to nothingness. Teachings like Alchemy became chemistry, Aether as an element was laughed at, calling it pseudoscience, then removed from ancient texts only to be forgotten about completely years later. A new "religion" was born, that of the physical and only physical and with absolute disgust for the slightest traces of a soul being mentioned. All this to keep the focus away from natural intrinsic reality within the material. The human inner world started to shatter, dying slowly from being forgotten generation after generation, nobody felt comfortable no more exploring their inner worlds, they didn't even believe it existed at all, calling it phantoms of the mind cause all they saw was but an abyss of darkness staring back at them. Now you might wonder what all this has to do with Jews. Rather FAKE Jews. The REAL Jew like you put it is rather sad, nowadays you'd call them incels, they look unpleasant with their big greasy noses, receding hair, weird eyes that poke out little bit. They're nothing more than an eye sore but definitely no threat. They're actually made fun of by the FAKE Jews in Disney films for example as being the "evil greedy ones". The big nose ugly Jews are actually so pathetic you'd feel sorry for them. The FAKE Jews love hiding behind these ugly ones as them being the "real threat" though the FAKE ones hide behind their more of less "European" type looks. Now, how did these FAKE creatures come to be. Everything starts in ancient Armenia, back when Armenia was FULLY White looking, you'd think they were Germans ( ancient Armenians are the ancestors of Germanic people). Back then during ancient times, the Armenians believed in the Sun God and had practices that most would deem "occult", not necessarily evil, they simply knew the workings of "inner self magic". Also race mixing was illegal. Back then Christianity was on the rise, saying that all practices that were done outside of the "glorification of God" should be deemed evil, thus destroyed. A huge purge took place to destroy everything Magical. Only a small group of around 1000 people rebelled saying that not all Magic was evil and this knowledge was necessary to know who we are truly deep inside, so as to not lose the understanding of soul and us being unique creators. But they were met with a lot of resistance so they left. Because they were a group of around the 1000, they called themselves the Khazars. Which in Armenian/Aryan languages means Thousands. The head/elite of the group decided to settle somewhere near Kazachstan, which translates to in Aryan: (Sta - Station - Tan - Home) The Home Station of Thousands. There they mixed a WHOLE BUNCH with Mongol/Tatars/Slavs and what have you. Noticing there wasn't anything holding them together, seeing as all countries around them had some religion of sorts, they got visited by traveling Jews not having a home whatsoever, the Khazars took them in. Mixed with them and took over the Jewish teachings as they deemed Christianity too limiting since it's all about kindness and forgiveness and Muslims bow down for some deity in fear of punishment. To them this was too limiting since Magic, according to them, should be "free" and not discriminate between good and evil. So they mixed their elite secret knowledge about the Hexagon and reality and human souls and deep understanding of us being unique creators into their outlook Jewish way of life because the "Chosen Ones are free to do whatever cause "everyone except them is a lowly animal". Being this mixed freakish satanic bunch, they spread out all over the world, manipulating ever since through Magic and Money. Though their so called Jewish elite have always been the White looking Jews they refer as Ash-Ken-Azi, of which: Ash means White in ancient Aryan, Ken means Kind and Azi means Roots. The true manipulators. Now over thousands of years they they are so mixed with Aryan/Germanic/Slavic/Jew/Arab/Tatar/Mongol/Turk genes that it's too difficult to really understand what they are, they're their own special Khazar kind that want to exact revenge on humanity and they don't seem to want to stop any time soon. Now as some have started to see, the Illuminati, Masons and whatever always leave traces of their Magic spells, one very obvious one being the PENTAgon. The sad thing here is, their Magic is mostly satanic. So is the tech they put out. Speaking of tech, you noticed correctly, Elon Musk is also a Khazar but his Mongol features are showing, you can see them in his cheekbones and overly big Mongolian type face, though he looks fairly "White" but not really.

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CelticAwake 11 days ago

That was Quite the read!😲 Thanks so much for the info🥰 Yes, i am very willing to learn, and i want for nothing more, than for is to have True freedom. I admit i had a slightly hard time understandig what you were saying (i struggle with text😓 i learn better by visual/audio), but youve inspired me to look into the ancient stuff more🥰 Thanks so much for your kind words, and Great wisdom🥰 I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead☺️

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WhiteTramplesDirt 7 days ago

@CelticAwake: I´m glad it was inspiring, I just noticed there were quite a few typo´s here and there having written such a wall of text but it´s difficult to get a clear picture without going into meticulous detail on these things. Even still there is so much I left out, this subject is like an infinitely deep puddle. And if that´s not bad enough, it has been kept secret, erased, dug back up, changed, altered, ridiculed, erased then rewritten again, then repeat that over thousands of years. Still to this day, information is being censored, even the smallest of things, let alone the very understanding of our true "being" and what we are. I´m not sure you´ll come to find much by simply "digging into acienct stuffs" more but it's worth a try, it's how I started. Though a lot of information I've read up on in the past is likely erased or hidden once more since the internet is getting revised and history changed so fast it's impossible to keep up with it. Especially on the internet with secret Mossad agents changing our history faster than the speed of light. I've made it a habit to save whatever real information I come across, be it books, ancient texts on history or occult mythological texts and drawings that tell a lot about our past if you can read past the reoccurring symbols, it's the only way to preserve our true reality cause all this modern version of book burning "information burning" is only going to get worse. I suggest you try reading up on books older than the 1950's and 1900's when it comes down to history. Newer books all suffer from revisionism. The act of twisting the truth in every way possible. Also ignore books written by men with the following names. Names ending with: Man/Mann, Klein, Kleinn, Sig, Kel, Rens, Lich, Obl, Kof, Kes, Zar, Stamm, Sen, Zok, Zog, Acs, Ack, Finch, Fink, Cht, Rpf, Yba, Aer, Tzedek, Fischer, Katz, Schatz, Bur, Meir, Nik, Kahn, Kurz, Bissel, Gimmel, Elka, Zweifel, Wanz, Zvah, Chken, Weiss Berg, Land, Us, Och, Arx, Fe, Nis, Witz, Witzc, Which, Ski, Vics, Sohn, Son, Kesl, Ler, Ger, Ashe, Afka, Nes, Seph, Dor, Lazarus, Eln, Sler, Ken, Kin, Kah, Ner, Ker, Ren, Heim, Hen, En, Ahn, Gan, Evy, Zan, Wartz, Baum, Yah, Dek, Him, Burg, Dah, Bic, Dorff, Ank, Ley, Dth, Dic, Stein, Yahu, Ers, Ion, Des, Dot, Der, On, Ond, Ov, Del, Wek, Gen, Mer, Anke. Not sure if I got them all but most of these names they stole from Germanic and Slavic people, their favorite kind they absolutely love mixing with. But anyways if their last name ends with those do a check up on their Jewish connections.

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milhouse 17 days ago

they are not even human (it is human blood they want)

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Freedom 17 days ago

The music is like a long soundtrack from Survivor that makes me want to shoot myself. She keeps saying their aren't Israeli or Jewish with no plausible explanations. . Not sure she even knows what she means by that.

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CelticAwake 16 days ago

Did you even make it to the very end, or did you actually shoot yourself?🤨 I made a discription, stating im an ARTIST: im very good at seeing different features of varying races.

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