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The Protocols-Truth Or Fiction Vid-3

Ed Cassidy
Published on 06 Aug 2020 / In Israel / Zionism

This segment is about Zionist infiltration into our local, State, and Federal Governments.

Matched to this protocol. Believe it or not, Alex Jones before he became a gatekeeper traitor.

The traitor(s) will argue your arguments from, the front of the group, they will become outstanding leaders in your movement, they will be the most vocal to your cause, many of you will put your unwavering trust in them they will become your heroes, some may even worship them as gods. That is exactly their intent, to lead you down the path to hell. Ed Cassidy

Out Of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion
"We will put our agents and helpers everywhere" and exactly, did just that.

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