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The Protocols-Truth Or Fiction Vid-1

Ed Cassidy
Published on 05 Aug 2020 / In Israel / Zionism

This segment deals with the economist also watch Vids 2-3
Bill Signing Without reading them first
Disarmament of the Goyim preferably, eradicate them.
Be sure you look up eradicate if you don't know what it means. I know, I know you know what it means but you would be surprised how many have asked me what eradicate means.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 9 months ago

Damn good video. Where are our State Militia's? Are the just going to wait till the Jews have the police start placing all of us white folks in the gas ovens?

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Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy 9 months ago

Personally, I think it's going to be true Americans Against Communist But their main agenda is to wipe out the white race.

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