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The People in Canada are Under Attack!

Melissa Lev
Published on 06 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics
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Paulsmithatkins 7 days ago

Make weapons

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KMB 9 days ago

Never Give Up Your Guns If More People In The US Would Start Shooting These Fucking Cops For Doing Things Like This It Would Not Happen But Canada Most Of The People Have Given up Most Of Their Rights To Have Guns And They Are Fucked

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Duck 16 days ago

cheeky cop cunts of canada, shame on you fuck heads

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Spasmodic 18 days ago

Really not nearly as bad as reported. Montreal was worse. Here, when under "lockdown", No one was stayimg inside. And no reports of arrests.

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SneakyComet 18 days ago

Americans ... if Canadians are not able to defend ourselves, they already are shutting down guns and ammo, America will have China on their doorstep. Face it Canadians were double crossed by governments over the last 55 years, taught lies in school, brainwashed. All of us are not Communist, some of us are Christian. US East Coast bankers put in our politicians like Trudeau and Brian Mulrouney, to destroy Canada. Steven Harper secretly let millions of 3rd world refugees into Canada 10 years ago. Fact is we both are in trouble now. China took over Canada and the masses haven't got a clue what is happening .

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Fryer 18 days ago

Here in South Africa they busy pushing a bill to pass in parliament to disarm all legal gun owners in SA. We are not allowed to defend our properties anymore.

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